Pretending to Have the House in Order

CIMG1170 Sometimes I get caught up in {insert distraction/guilty pleasure here} and do not get as much done as I hoped to accomplish during the day.  I have begun to realize that this is okay and that I can get to it tomorrow and I am just too type A and organized to fully just let myself and my home go.  But in the midst of all of this I have learned that there are a few things I DO need to accomplish daily as to appear to have it all together and to keep my husband (and one day family) happy and believing I am the hard working homemaker I desire to be.  Such things are…

food on the table

clean underwear

bed made

food in the house

major clutter clear

clean toilet (more so my pet peeve)

My husband will not know the difference if I did not get to dusting the fans, washing our curtains yearly, or if the light switches are wiped down.  {If you are shocked and amazed that I do these things, you can read this post here.  It really is not that hard to have every inch of the house spotless.  I promise.}CIMG0756 But he does notice when he runs out of you know what or if it is 8:00 pm and there is no food in sight.  So if my whole day is shot, in 30 minutes I can make the bed, pick up around the house, and throw something together for dinner…and no one will have to know any different. 

Please note I am not condoning lazy homemaking behavior.  Rather I am learning to let go of perfectionism and pressuring myself that I have only had an accomplished day if I check off everything on my list.  There are some days where I cannot even accomplish this small list of things, and that is okay.  My husband is understanding and supportive and much more easy going and less rigid than I am.  Thank goodness. 

Anyways, you are all laughing at me thinking, “wait until she has kids.”  I know.  Thank you.  You can stop laughing now. 

What are your last minute, get the house pulled together, no one will know any different, list of homemaking duties?


  1. Oh, I agree. And I have had to let the perfectionism go! A lot of expectations on today's woman. Usually, as long as we haven't run out of anything and the kitchen floors is swept, counters and table are somewhat clear and organized and bathroom straightened - that's good. And it doesn't feel really neat unless the bed is made. I'll also run a quick vacuum sometimes too. It helps to just do a few things a day, too...then the list gets done, although then it never feels like the cleaning stops. Sometimes I just like to bang it out in one day.

  2. I think you have it right! I do the same thing. If I cant' throw dishes in the dishwasher, clothes in the washing machine, wipe down the bath and make the bed.. something is wrong.. hubs helps out some too... I have a lot going on and I have to admit, supper is usually last on my list.. too hot right now.. there is always sandwich meat and something frozen! Keep up the good work!

  3. I have learned to let a lot go this summer with being on crutches. I realize how crazy I can get with wanting everything just so. I now know that most doesn't matter as long as my guy has undies, food and a place to lay his head!

  4. Good call on the underwear. That's a big one. I also like the have the sink clear of dishes! :)

  5. Dinner made, dishes cleared, toys put away, and clutter-free table tops make me feel better about my day.

  6. I'm exactly the opposite! I should embrace a little perfectionism as far as the house goes!!

    Last minute clean-ups for me are tidy piles {junk looks better when in a little tidy pile!} and a clean kitchen...

  7. You're right, laughing, thinking to self, "Hm, wait until she has kids".
    Most people have a junk drawer, I have a junk room and when people are coming over, extra stuff gets tossed in there. A quick wipe down in the bathroom and kitchen and maybe run the vacuum cleaner. Good to go!

  8. Just have a few kids then you can throw it all out the window! ;) I agree about the junk room. It's my craft room that I usually keep tidy, but it will quickly become cluttered when the rest of the house needs to be picked up quickly!

    P.S. I love your fashionista Friday! I personally love clothes. Nearly 100% of mine come from thrift stores. It's the only way I can justify my need for new and fun clothes all.the.time!

  9. My list is pretty much identical to yours. I have to add not having baskets of to-fold laudry sitting around...even if that means I just stashed the basket on top of the dryer!
    One secret of mine I'd like to admit: I keep a plastic basin under my sink for all my dirty baby bottles I have yet to wash. I have enough bottles to last two days so I just stash the rinsed, dirty ones under the sink until I have 2 days worth! I will also stash non-dishwasher safe items (that have been rinsed out) that I don't have time to/want to wash yet.

  10. As a home schooling mom, I had to let go of home making perfection several years ago. Dd's education comes before other household chores--especially noisy things like vacuuming and such while she is studying.

    And yes, I was thinking to myself "wait til she has kids".

    Hope you're having a good Thursday :-)

  11. I took your advice and bought the book Side Tracked Home Executives and made my card file last weekend. I started doing all the things in the file on Monday and I really cannot believe how much better it looks around here!!! My husband and my mom both complimented me on the clean house and the bed being made! :) I feel SO much more accomplished and my house is CLEAN! Thank you so much for blogging about that book. You will never know how grateful I am! :-D

  12. Oh, and I have a kid, and yes, its hard to get it all done, but I do it. Well, since Monday anyways! LOL

  13. Bed has to be made.
    I also vacumm a little on the entrance and dinning room
    and my secret weapon: Clorox wipes, pass it over coumters in the kitchen and bath.

  14. I think you and I are pretty similar in our tendencies. I have had to learn (and am still learning) to change my expectations now that I've had a baby. There are different seasons in life and things to be enjoyed in each. Kelly


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