Dealing With Disappointment :: Chalk Board Encouragement

CIMG0121About a month ago I was hit with an overwhelming amount of disappointment and hurt.  I have a better handle on it now but I am afraid the issue is one of those life long lingering ones.   CIMG0123As I adjust to life as an adult, I am learning that I am very idealistic and unfortunately people are very disappointing.  It has been bringing me down but also bringing down my husband.  I am seeing how much as the home manager, my attitude, emotional state, and mindset affect my household.  In attempts to move past this, I have been trying to surround myself with good thoughts…truths…to dwell on instead.  And though chalkboards are for decorating, they can also help with some heart transformation.   CIMG0124 And I as I deal with this, I have been learning that I need to embrace and invest in those people who do love me…who bring joy to my life…who care about me unconditionally.  And suddenly I don’t have time to dwell as much on those bringing me down.  A lesson that hurts but a lesson that needs to be learned.

What does your chalkboard need to be telling you right now?