Zucchini Bread :: My First Time

CIMG9521I had two zucchinis in the refrigerator that I had no idea what I bought them for (the husband does not care for them).  Amanda posted a recipe.  Coincidence?  Maybe.  I think it was fate.  It was absolutely delicious.  I have never made bread without my bread maker or out of a box before.  It is official.  I have now officially arrived to a whole new level of domesticity.CIMG9514For those of you who care…I substituted half the flour for whole wheat flour and half the sugar with Splenda.  Makes eating a whole loaf while the others bake not so bad (I really did this in case you thought I was kidding.  Yes, I ate a whole loaf in one sitting).  And if I had more self-control I would have even added some chocolate chips…yum!CIMG9522 And then so I wouldn’t eat another loaf in the same sitting, I wrapped some up to give away. 

Visit Amanda for the recipe here.

Would you consider this a dessert or just food? 

I say both.