Blurb Digital Scrapbooking Album :: Trying A Different Look

CIMG0034Last year my in-laws (before they were in-laws) took their family (and me) on a trip to Hawaii.  I posted about it here.  Now that I have all my wedding albums complete I have started working on my pictures from 2009 starting with this trip.  Now that I am getting a little more familiar with the Blurb program, I decided to try a different look this time.   CIMG0036 I went with a white background as I felt it would be fitting for lots of beach pictures.  I also added text this time around.  I played around more with the editing layout features and was able to come up with different looks that I liked.  CIMG0037 CIMG0039 CIMG0040 CIMG0041 CIMG0042I went with the book jacket this time instead of having the pictured printed on the cover.  This version allows you to make cute little inside sleeves.  I really like it but am considering staying with the other format as the book jacket wears a lot easier.  CIMG0043 CIMG0045 Many of you have shared about your joys and sorrows with digital scrapbooking and specifically with Blurb.  My advice for anyone new to digi scrapping or to using Blurb is to allow yourself to try things out and be okay with not quite perfect books in the beginning.  I fortunately had beautiful professional wedding pictures to work with in my first album that did not require a whole lot of formatting within the program.  But as I worked on all the other wedding albums (dealing with my not professional, low resolution camera and non photoshopped pictures) I started finding certain things worked and that certain looks could be improved.  It is frustrating but if I don’t keep on trying and working with it, it will never get better.  And really, putting your pictures in an album should be about preserving the memories, not having perfect pictures.  I love how this album turned out but I have already found that I am trying other things on my current album that I think are going to make one even better.  Trial and error.  Love your photos.  Love your memories.  Be proud you actually have them in a book and not in a box!
Be honest, where are your pictures right now?