Trying to be an Asset, Not a Liability

In my pursuit of being better with our money, I listened to a podcast on wealth by Mark Driscoll.  His focus was on being an asset, not a liability.   DSC_0270 Basically he talks abut by being an asset, one is saving money in the long run while a liability is costing one money.  When I think of myself and my husband I thought of how we bring different assets to our marriage.  My husband is an excellent mechanic and handy man…whenever we have any sort of car or house issue, he is usually able to fix it all on his own.  His education, taught by his dad, learned in auto shop, and experienced working at a motorcycle shop has been a huge asset for us.  DSC_0852 I too enjoy working with my hands as it pertains to our home.  Decorating, cleaning, refurbishing, and even cooking will save us money in the long run as I take all of these jobs on myself.  We have not bought one piece of new furniture and will never need an interior decorator.  My husband has lost weight since we got married just by having a healthier diet and we eat out a lot less.  These things are an asset in our marriage.

Liability?  Shopping.  Wasting food.  Eating junk.  Not keeping a budget.  I am just as guilty of these things as anyone else.  But I am aware.  Aware that every choice I make can probably be connected somehow to whether or not I am choosing to be an asset or a liability. 

Thoughts to chew on for sure.  And I am sure a reminder I will need to come back to often.  But another step closer to being more responsible with what we have. 

What kind of assets do you bring to your family?