Fashionista Friday :: Calling All Fashionistas!!!

Just one outfit this week.  But this week I want to turn my focus to YOU!  If you would like to be featured in a Fashionista Friday post, read below for more info.DSC_0723Dress: JC Penny w/coupon

Belt: Ross DSC_0732 Shoes: RossDSC_0738 Necklace: I have shared my semi-homemade necklace before but I would like to revisit it again.  All I did was get three strands of necklaces and change out the flower from my collection of flower pins.  You can change the strands out as well.  So easy and you can have a ton of different styles all from the same strands of necklaces. 


Calling All Fashionistas:

Perhaps you share in my frugal fashion or have been inspired to shop thrift or discount stores.  I would love to open up Fashionista Friday to include some of my readers as well.  If you are interested, email me with a picture in your Fashionista Friday outfit, including where you bought it and prices if you know them.  This can also include your children if you have some thrifty finds for them.  Include your blog URL that I can link you back to.  Your outfits do not have to be thrift, but the majority needs to be discounted in some form whether on sale, with a coupon, thrift, yard sale, second hand, or a discounted store (Wal-mart, Ross, etc).  I will look through all the entries, and pick a few to share in a future Fashionista Friday post. 

Don’t be shy!  Show me what you are wearing!


  1. You look great! The outfit is so cute! Have a great weekend!

  2. This sounds like so much fun!! Virtually ALL of my clothes come from some sort of Thrifty shopping. (Although the thrift store outfit that I bought last week for my nephew's wedding tomorrow isn't going to work, so I will have to buy something NEW today for the wedding tomorrow-YIKES!)

  3. That's a really cute outfit! I have always been intimidated by the belt and dress combo because, well, the good Lord endowed me with hips. But you really pull the outfit off well and have given me inspiration to "try".
    Thanks for the post and have a great weekend!

  4. Really cute outfit! I should take pics of my daughter's deals. She looks so great and rarely spends much. Sometimes I think the stores are supposed to pay her for shopping she saves so much! I love grey of gray- either way you spell it- it looks good on you! & I am so wanting your shoes! =0)

  5. love the shoes! I wear jeans, v neck shirt and flip flop with a hoodie most days. :sigh: Not very fashionable. It's hard to find cute COMFORTABLE stuff when you're sporting extra weight.


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