Music Sheet Pumpkins

DSC_0333Let me first say that I have put fall on the back burner.  It does not help that we hit over 100 degrees this week as well.  But it was my summer goal to paint the house and I finally started in September.  So while I have been frantically painting (and planning for a non-Halloween baby shower), the house is lacking fall.  I skipped it last year as well…to get married.  Please forgive me fall.  You will come out soon, I promise.   DSC_0335But I did fit in one little fall project.  It is shabby enough to not scream pumpkin patch…. DSC_0336I am hoping to go through my holiday decor this year and weed out some of the stuff I do not want anymore.  I hope to just keep stuff that semi-fits with my decor…so probably less orange… DSC_0601The pumpkins were super easy…just a little messy.  I found cutting the music sheets in vertical strips went on the easiest.  Unfortunately the taller ones look a bit like apples now that they are not orange.  Oh well.  And yes, music paper and pumpkins all found at the thrift store.  DSC_0602And you get a sneak peak of my new painted walls…

What do you like to decorate with for fall?


  1. Cute!!! I like the usual pumpkins, acorns, gourds, etc. I have one black cat made of tinsel for Halloween b/c my girls think he looks like my mom's cat, Mr. Darcy. ;)

  2. They look great, I might even say, those pumpkins hit all the right notes....sorry had to say it. Haha.


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