How to Make an Ornament Wreath :: Video Tutorial

DSC_0885-1I am sure you have seen these lovely ornament wreaths hoping around blogland the last few years.  Well, two years later, after falling in love, I finally made one.  And I even put together a little how to video for you all.  The wreath is as glorious as I dreamed it would be… 

What you will need:

-Wire coat hanger (I hear dry cleaner hangers work best)

-Butt-load of ornaments (I used 57)

-A piece of duct tape

-Ribbon to hang it from

-Wire Cutters

DSC_0884After I finished stringing the ornaments on the coat hanger, I intertwined the hook part back together.  Once I had the wreath fully intact, I used heavy duty wire cutters to snip off the hook.  I then found some corresponding thick ribbon to hang it from. DSC_0886 Probably the most beautiful thing in my home at the moment…and all for only about $10!

What are you inspired to make this year?