Fashionista Friday

In the winter I wear a lot of puffy vests (warm, comfy, and fashionable), but I managed to change it up here and there.  What I have been wearing recently…DSC_0204Jacket: Thrift store

Pants: My new favorite thing – jeggings.  Half jean half leggings.  I got them at Costco and they are the most comfortable jeans ever.  Plus they have a higher waist than my other skinny jeans…and personally, I appreciate that they hold everything in!  I am wearing them in every photo this week!  $16

Earrings: Flea market $1DSC_0205Lace dress: Thrift store – VS nightgown…think multifunctional! 

Belt: extra scrap fabric I cut into a sashDSC_0180Zebra tank: Ross

Sweater: JC Penny w/ couponDSC_0384Vest: Ross clearance $9

Long sleeve shirt: VS semi-annual sale (which is coming in January by the way…if you are interested in the date of the sale, email me and I will let you know when I find out the date)

Boots: Mervyn’s…oh how I miss you…DSC_0868Red top: thrift

Long sleeve shirt: Old Navy clearance

Belt: thrift

Boots: Old Navy clearance DSC_0880Black shirt: hand me down

Vest: Ross

Belt: thrift or Ross?

Boots: Burlington Coat Factory $25 DSC_0919 Dress: Marshall’s clearance

Belt: Ross

Shoes: Ross

What do you like to cozy up into during the winter?


  1. I love your brown jacket! How lucky you were to find that.

  2. You are so adorable and your outfits are amazing! I love jeggings too, with a big comy sweater when the weather gets chilly!

  3. So cute!!!! I love that cute jacket in the first picture. All of your pieces are really cute too.

  4. I too LOVE the jacket in the first photo. I was hoping it was from a store so I could go get me own! =) I just saw the word "jeggings" for the first time earlier today. (Am I that behind the times?) I may have to look into those.

  5. That VS nightgown turned shirt with the turquoise sash is looks great on you! Also love, love the green dress in the last pic. Very cute!

  6. It's amazing what can be gleaned from a thrift store.

  7. The brown jacket and the green dress are so cute--seriously, all of the items are cute.

    Here in the corn, fleece is feeling pretty good right now!

  8. You dress so cute and I love the way you decorate :) I love reading your blog entries!

  9. I've been wanting to try jeggings, but haven't gotten up the gusto to do it yet. I LIVE in leggings and LOVE skinny jeans, so this might just be the perfect match for me. Plus, I'm totally digging that you used a VS nightie for a shirt.


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