An Improved Gallery Wall

DSC_0105-1After painting our dining room, I found that one side of the room became very dark.  I like the color of the wall but mixed with too much black, it was not as light as I would like. 

The lamps I specifically bought for this wall…only to find I was not in love.  As you can see, I kept the tags on for this reason.  They were taken back last week.  I also do not like the book shelves.  but as of right now I have not found any yard sale deals or furniture off the side of the road to refurnish this wall.  So until then…the bookshelves are here to stay.  I would love another hutch.  I am obsessed with them.  DSC_0112 To organize the wall, I saw a similar placement where all the frames were touching.  I immediately fell in love.  But I am usually a pretty lazy decorator so the thought of measuring really killed me.DSC_0051-1The solution to a lazy decorator?  A little trick I saw in a magazine.  Tape in a thumb tack, hang it on the wall, and your nail hole is set.  Take off and nail into your new existing hole.  No measuring…yay!DSC_0052And suddenly it was like a breath of fresh air…plenty of white to lighten the room and just a little black to pop off the wall.  I really like how the shutters look here.  And to think I almost got rid of them!  But it serves as a perfect architectural backdrop for this large wall.DSC_0090-1 And now the bookshelves are filled with books…the colors bring a little more interest.  It is amazing how something as simple as the organization of books can make such a big difference.  DSC_0089-1While I was working on this project, frames all over the floor, and couches pushed out of the way…my husband brought some of his co-workers over to see the house during their lunch.  And it was fine.  I try to not prevent people from being able to come into our home even if it is a mess.  Of course I did quickly make the bed before they came over but we live in this home and are not perfect.  And we want people to remember that.  Plus this is what I do…fluff and decorate…maybe we will get less comments that I am out spending all my husbands money! ;)

What items in your house are you not in love with but are forced to make work?