Paris Inspired Bench

DSC_0273I have been wanting to give our hallway bench a Paris inspired “stamping” for awhile.  So today at Ross with my mom, I saw yet another French saying reminding myself it was time to redo the bench.  I took a quick photo of the saying on my camera and headed home inspired. 
The bench was first redone years ago (one of first blog posts as a matter of fact!) and looked like this…CIMG6334 Then recently I covered it with leftover painter’s cloth…only to leave it beige and boring…DSC_0233 I copied free hand in pencil the saying exactly like my photo…DSC_0237 I considered painting the letters but decided on a black sharpie instead.  A very smart move as it was much quicker, easier, and gave it a more washed out “stamped” look…DSC_0249 DSC_0268As what seems to be the case every time I try a new project, suddenly my “as is for now” decor needed some refluffing.  DSC_0255What was supposed to be a short project turned into an all day redecorating of the hallway…  So here is a little peek…I will show you the rest tomorrow…I am embracing gold…it is very freeing…DSC_0321 My mom thinks it says something about the toilet?  Anyone translate French?


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  2. I'm a new follower of your blog, and I love it! I'm also from nothern CA! Love the bench too! So cute!

  3. It says:
    according to Google translate. Whatever that means.
    I think it's adorable. Every time someone does a great DIY, like this one, I am off to Goodwill to find what I need (In this case, the bench). LOL.

    Great job!

  4. Hi,
    my french is not perfect but I stayed some summers in Paris, where my mother was born. So: It´s a fake adress from the most fashionable place in Paris. l´├ętoile royale is the place near Champs Elyssee, the most luxiourous street, where the triumph arch stands. It´s called etoile (star) cause all the streets surrounding are crossing there, like a star. Rue means street and Louis XIV was the "King of Sun", the most famous one in French history and the street near the arch is named after him and only the richest people are living there. So you have a bench with a very wealthy adress on it ;-)
    Hope this helps,

  5. I was going to type up a whole long description, but Daniele pretty much summed it up. ;) You did a great job on your bench!!!! It looks wonderful. :)

  6. thanks to the hubs, it says the start Royale, and like the person above said It's a fake address.
    I love it. The hubs can call me frog face in French and I would still think it was beautiful.

  7. As a former French major, It says "the Royal Star" (the French put their adjectives last!) and I agree with everything the person above said about the Champs ELYSEES!

    Thanks for the fabulous posts. The Lord has blessed you with much talent!


  8. The bench is wonderful! Isn't it funny how one little project can lead to a much larger one? That happens to me a lot. :)

  9. I have no clue what it says either, but I LOVE it!

  10. I love it! I love all things Paris!You are so creative!


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