Embracing My Biggest Decorating Fear :: Going Gold

DSC_0288 As I shared yesterday, with a newly redone hallway bench, the rest of the decor was just not cutting it {And thank you to you all who clarified that my bench does not translate “toilet” but rather something much higher class!}.  I recently was in  Anthropologie and had a small epiphany…gold.  Between the blues, grays, black, and white everything was feeling a little too sterile and not enough me.  I needed gold…I needed browns…something I have always felt so strongly against.  DSC_0307 I picked up this great big mirror and gold clock at the thrift store…with intentions of painting them white…but I think I am going to give the gold a chance…DSC_0308 DSC_0309Some framed music paper…and A and B hooks on sale from Anthropologie {the only thing I could afford, right!?}…DSC_0311 DSC_0312 DSC_0313 I rarely change out of my workout clothes in case you were wondering…DSC_0317I glued a giant clip to a wood plate as a fun memo or photo holder…and I keep track of my running time on this little chalkboard…DSC_0332 And an easy way to incorporate pictures without committing to a frame…I love tucking photos into the corners of mirrors…a simple detail…that adds color and personality…DSC_0333 And in case you were worried the whole gold and beige thing was a little much…do not worry…I am trying paint samples…a light tealish green I am thinking…DSC_0323I am also trying to add more natural tones around the house…like this thrift store clock…and my wedding handkerchief framed with music paper…DSC_0334 The bathroom gets some hints of gold…and the music sheet song is called something like “come sit and stay awhile.”  You know I like to incorporate the potty humor in the bathroom whenever possible…DSC_0339 Scrabble letters add a fun detail…DSC_0340 DSC_0341I am overcoming my fears…it feels freeing…it feels cozy…and it broadens so many more options.
Have you overcome a decorating fear…or perhaps need to…?