Chalkboard Wall :: Writing My Story on the Walls

I love words.  I love stories.  I love telling our story in our home.  Whether it be through pictures, words, or objects…our home tells a story.  A story of who we are and how we choose to live.
One of my biggest blog inspirations, Kasey Buick, recently painted a chalkboard wall in her home.  The thing that sold me?  Grey flat paint. 
So I put the hubster to work.  We have textured walls so our first project was to get a flat wall.  I read online that you are supposed to get the actual texture off.  That was taking too long so we just spackled over the wall until it was flat {it is one small wall—no need to be a perfectionist here}. 
We used some major lighting to make sure it was as flat as can be…
And then we let it dry…and I tried a paint sample…
And you people with flat walls have it gooood!  It was super fast to paint.  No speckled little holes to fill in.
It is a perfect contrast to our lighter gray walls.  And it adds so much whimsy and character.  I love to doodle…it almost felt wrong to draw on the walls…but I think I will get used to it! ;)
I hope my walls, my home, and my life tell my story.  Stories of love, creativity, and joy.  And that through my stories I will become a better me and people will see what I find important. 
More thoughts on that {and Donald Miller} later {I told you I take a long time to finish a book}…
If you wrote on your walls, what would you want them to say…?

Paint color :: Glidden Seal Grey {which, by the way, they now sell at Wal-Mart!}
*flat paint allows you to write and wipe off {with a damp cloth} like a chalkboard