Saint Patrick’s Day Ideas

Chocolate and peanut butter covered pretzels

So I must start off by saying I feel like I have failed you all.  It is literally days before Saint Patrick’s Day and I have zero sign of that in my home.  I have the bins out {I usually put out St. Patti’s and Easter at the same time} but they just sit there waiting for me. 

CIMG0428Gift tags

So by some mere miracle, perhaps I will have something to share with you next week but if life continues to bombard me I might just not have the time.  Now I am sure I will pull out my little plates for hubster and I to eat off come March 17th and like last year continue the tradition of having a mint chocolate chip milk shake…but by the time I get around to blogging about it…you will not give a hoot about all my green and ask where the chocolate bunnies are.

Clover ornaments

So all this to say, here are some ideas from previous years…my small way of sharing some ideas…but there is always next year right? 


Check out ALL of my Saint Patrick’s Day posts {don’t worry there are just a few}.

What are you do for St. Patti’s Day this year?


  1. I think this year everything is creeping up fast.. except spring.. at least here in the northeast. Stay focused on priorities and you'll be just fine.. thinking of your today...tracey

  2. Ehhh. I don't even have any St. Pat's decorations. I was going to make a "Lucky" banner but I never did. Oh well. haha

  3. I love your St. Patty’s Day ideas and have scheduled a feature of it for this afternoon at Extreme Personal Measures.

    Extreme Personal Measures

  4. I love the look of those pretzels. Yum, and I bet my kids would have fun making them too! This year for St. Patrick's Day we are going to be with my father-in-law celebrating his 90th birthday :) Erin Go Braugh!

  5. I hear you, I got as far as putting 2 printables in frames. For St. Patty (my favorite of course) we are celebrating my niece birthday, so no drinking :)

  6. I love the sheet music and glitter tag! I picked up a book of old sheet music at the Goodwill on your suggestion but am having a hard time cutting it up. :)

  7. Ha! I don't have anything out yet either...I was thinking about get a limb/stick out of the yard this weekend and spray paining it white and trying to work out some type of SP Day/Easter tree thing...we'll see if that happens. Super busy around here too! Hope you are doing well!

  8. Nothing yet. your ideas are really nice.
    Those pretzels look yummy.

  9. Happy almost - St - Patrick's - Day from Ireland :)

    It also amazes and impresses me the way that St Patrick is celebrated around the world, but apart from the parades, not much happens here!

    My kids have a normal school day, no-one gets pinched, no leprechauns to be caught, no-one eats corned beef!!! (I only discovered all of these from the wonderful world of blogs)


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