Cleaning House


The last few months have been different from the norm.  I have shared about my huge craft room cleaning project {which for the most part is clean}, worked on some painting projects, and just simply reorganizing and refocusing how I want our home to function. 


It has been really freeing the past few months to have less and let go of things I do not love.  It frees me up to really love and enjoy the things I care about most in my home.  All at the same time I am doing the same in my heart.  Trying to do less to enjoy the little I do more. 


Yet while I embrace this new motto I can not help but still find things I commit to or things in our home that are still getting in the way.  All this to say, I appreciate all of your encouragement, kind words, shared stories, and love.  I am still struggling with doing less and your words are reminders to live out what I type here.  Thanks for being patient and being a part of this process.


{So I wrote this before I decorated for Easter.  But it was worth keeping.  The words are what is important…}  I still have three bins filled with Easter d├ęcor sitting in our dinning room since early March that I just cannot get myself to put out.  It seems so unlike me.  But it just feels like it would be adding to the chaos.  I need less right now.  Easter will come again next year.


Yet, in the midst of it all, there are many small moments that I am really loving.  Like moving things around in the house.  By simply taking this not finished side table and placing it behind the couch near our entry, I found the perfect place for my vintage trunks and enjoyed the simplicity of cut tulips for a couple of days.  I think it is my favorite thing in the house right now.  And it reminds me to slow down.

What {small thing} are you loving in your home right now?