Deceptively Delicious :: Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Let me just start off by saying the baking recipes in the book Deceptively Delicious are worth the buy.  Something about adding sneaky veggies into sweet little treats is quite the little miracle.  Not only are you getting in extra nutrients but you feel more full as you are actually consuming food not just sugar, oil, and starches. 
Anyways, these chocolate chip cupcakes have squash puree snuck in.  The recipe also includes frosting but they are just as good without it.  A cupcake delicious enough without frosting?  I am sold. 
I love chocolate chips in cupcakes.  They are such a wonderful, crunchy, sweet surprise.  I often add them to boxed cake mixes for cupcakes and don’t need frosting.  I also throw them into the frosting on a two layered cake.  I am telling you people will think it is homemade just because you added chocolate chips {mini choc chips are even more of a hit!}.  You are welcome. 
Read more DD recipes.  Find the book here
What do you sneak {healthy or not so healthy} into your baked goods for a little extra punch?


  1. oh wow!! wow!! those look yumm!! your blog is simply gorgeous.. totally loved it.. and am following you on FB now!! Hoping you'll visit me at *smiles*

  2. They look more a muffin to me. However, I am pretty sure that this is a very cupcake recipe.

  3. I've always loved baking but never do much of it (well, baked goods- I do bake food) I desperately need a Kitchen Aid mixer :) those look yummy


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