Styling Your Home By Telling Your Story

Style isn’t about acquiring expensive stuff or buying a complete look, but rather mixing and matching so it feels more about you as a person.  --John Loecke
People often tell me that our home reflects “us.”  I figured it was because there are way too many pictures of the two of us.  But after I read this quote from John Loecke I realized that it is collecting and acquiring things that I fall in love with that add personality to the home which reflects us as people and a couple. 
My most favorite homes are ones that are unique and that tell the story of the people who live in it.  With enough time and money, anyone can replicate a certain look seen in a magazine or store but it is those of who are willing to step out of the design box, showcasing their home with things they love…not just things that stores and designers tell us to love.
The greatest compliment I can hear is that our home is welcoming and that it reflects us…not that it looks expensive or as if some designer decorated it.  Let’s pull out those pictures of our families and put them in frames, put out that family heirloom, and look at styling our homes as a life long process.  Let your home tell your story…about the beautiful life you have been blessed with.