Attention World: We Now Have Curb Appeal!

Let me start of by saying, I have been for a very long time, not a big fan of our front yard view.  A low roof really is nobody’s friend and restricts how open the front of the house appears.  I realize we could have it much worse and I truly have enjoyed having a porch to sit out on.  But it was far from anything I wanted to brag about around here.  I am happy to announce that things have changed.  Small changes for big impact.  My front yard finally is getting it’s debut!
Here is the before photo.  As always, I remembered to take a picture after I already started {hence the border like snake growing in our lawn}. 
Please notice the following:
-Fake woodish door
-Brown deck
-Sparse garden from previous owners
And the after!  Please notice:
-White door {I finally settled on a color.  I have been thinking about this for years and am not sure why I didn’t do it sooner.  It doesn’t even need a wreath anymore.}
-White porch {which I did paint by myself in 100 degree heat}
-Plastic border from Wal-mart.  Fairly inexpensive but still pretty {we debated concrete but decided for the sake of a hopeful future remodel, we would make life a little easier by going without it}.
-The sidewalk border leads the eye up to our front door.  Because the roof and door were not centered with the house, the eye often wandered.  Now we have direct purposeful eye direction…to our beautiful white door!
-Added plants to grow, grow, grow, into a more lush front yard.  My mom and I spent just about a week getting up at the crack of dawn to beat the heat and dig out grass. 
-Hanging porch baskets {because the roof is too low and in the middle of the deck}.
-The beginnings of added wood to the railing.  When it is finished it will feel much more complete and pulled together than the open spaces. 
I would have never imagined just how much of an impact painting the porch has had on the look of our home.  It pulls together the white trim and just appears as more thought out.  Our kitchen is actually lighter now because the white porch reflects the sun through our kitchen window!
I am a happy girl!!!  We hope to also put up a picket fence around the grass to keep the annoying adorable children and their garbage from the school nearby off our lawn. :)