Chocolate Pudding Pops

You might just be living under a {blogging} rock if you haven't seen these pudding pops floating around blog posts and pinterest.  Laurel recently posted about them giving me the final motivation to make some.  I think the thing that was holding me back is that the original recipe calls for food coloring that makes a rainbow colored pop.  The problem for me is if I see color, I expect fruity.  So instead of food coloring, I went with plain ol' white and brown.  Now my eyes can agree with my tongue.

This recipe is so easy I might just let my hubby make them next time {okay, maybe not...I am pretty controlling in the kitchen!  perhaps I will let go a bit when we have kids! wink}.  Make the instant pudding {as always, I used sugar free} to box instructions {we use lactose free milk--soy and almond don't work because the consistency is not right}.  Then layer into your popsicle molds or cups and freeze.

We are enjoying our fudge and white chocolate guilt-free popsicles after dinner in front of the television...

happy husband!  happy life!

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