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I am most definitely a neutrals girl.  I have a whole lot of black...and gray...and navy blue.  So though I recently picked up this clearance silky navy has a bit more pop of blue than my other blue staples.  I was instantly in love.

I am getting much more comfortable incorporating color.  I look really silly and often a bit bloated wearing pieces in bold colors so I remind myself it is okay to stick with my neutral palette but can add a bit more fun and color with accessories.  This also allows me to try out trends but still stick with items that look good for my body type for years to come.

I decided to take apart my DIY yo-yo necklace and have been wearing it as a pin and in my hair {you will see this soon}.  It works better on me this way.  I am also wearing my belts almost always.  I realize that by adding something as simple as a pin or headband along with a belt...I am suddenly so much more put together with minimal effort.

Dress: Target Clearance // Yo-Yo Pin: DIY // Belt: Charlotte Russe // Shoes: Designer Shoe Warehouse // Earrings: Macy's Black Friday


  1. What a sweet dress! I need to remember that it is easy to accessorize to add that little pop!

  2. I love this look, and I love how feminine you look in dresses. You have inspired me to get more :)

  3. I am LOVING the dress! Super cute--as always :)
    I hope you have a great week!

  4. Cute dress but I LOVE the shoes :)

  5. adorable! and I love that color!

  6. Love how you accessorized and made the dress look cooler than it is. And your earring is so cute too! :)


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