My Favorite Throw On Dress

This is probably my favorite dress of the summer.  So easy to throw on.  So flattering.  Looking forward to pairing it with a jean jacket and boots for fall.

Dress: JC Penny // Hair Clip: hand me down craft item // Bracelet: hand me down


  1. you are turning me into a girly girl! I have been shopping LOTS with the Mom-ster and I got a dress and a skirt. I couldn't believe it, you are making me want to feel more feminine regardless of my size :)
    You look stunning of course!

  2. I love wearing dresses and skirts that are super comfy!

  3. I love that dress! So pretty and feminine :)

  4. What a great little dress!! Love to see it with jeans and boots!!

  5. It is adorable! glad to be back here :)


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