Not Doing It All & Finding My Place

I recently had a conversation with my husband about how I have been feeling like I have lost my place.  I so often get caught up in the mundane of the day to day...laundry, cleaning, cooking...that I get consumed with the perfection of my home that I don't make time for other things that are more important...things I want to be doing.  I feel guilty if I don't get everything done.  I feel like I have failed as a wife when the laundry is not folded. 

Then later that night, I read some blog posts...and it sounds like quite a few of you are feeling the same way. 

It is my own obsession with perfection...wanting my home to have a certain image...wanting to portray the woman who has it all together.  So often we get caught up in the comparison game.  And while I am trying to create the home and life I think I want, I really end up compromising the life that I am desperately yearning for. 

I have an hour.  I have the time.  But I get too caught up in my to do list.

I suppose I could create a better system.  Be better disciplined.  Or perhaps let go a little bit.  And somehow letting go is the hardest of them all.

I desire relationships.  I desire honesty.  I desire creativity.  And if it means the laundry isn't always done than so be it. 

How do you deal with the mundane?