A Breath of Fresh Air

My husband and I recently started helping out in a new ministry at church.  It is a place where people with real hurts are seeking out freedom in healing.  In the short time we have been a part of this, I have found myself to be able to breathe some fresh air finally.  Though we initially offered to serve in this ministry, I am finding that I am the one leaving encouraged.  We are around people who are real and authentic.  I feel genuinely cared for.  We get affirmed and encouraged.  We get prayed over. 

I shared a few weeks ago about trying to find my place.  Part of it was dealing with the mundane at home but another part of it was feeling empty and worn down.  I have been consumed by my own agenda that I forget to reach out.  I feel so blessed to be a part of something again...and to also share this time with my husband. 

I never mean to sound depressed...I try to make my posts insightful...but apparently some of you were concerned.  So this is my follow up to say...thank you for the encouragement, the prayers, and reminding me that you go through the same thing.  Between decorating and craft projects, this blog is a place for me to breathe.  To unload.  To write.  To be honest.  Thank you for taking the time to read.  Knowing you are all on the other end of my computer means the world to me.