Halloween Recap

We had a lovely Halloween this year...kick started by dragging my husband to a haunted house Sunday night where I got the pants scared off of me.  They allowed you to go through one group at a time meaning my husband and I went solo through this rather long and tight creepy maze where people jumped out at you from every corner...and when I say jump out at you...I mean they jumped out at ME.  I asked my husband if any were directing their deathly shreeks towards him...he said one or two did but they were all mostly directed towards me.  Thank you.  I have never been so terrified in my life.  

As for Halloween day...I started the day off with a little Halloween themed step class at the gym...gotta love it when others are willing to sweat it out in their costume!  So much fun!  I love my friends at the gym!

I left the gym pumped and in the Halloween spirit so I decided to add some more alluring trick or treating decor to our porch to entice children to come visit...lined the whole thing with candles.  It created a beautiful and romantic ambiance...I was so giddy...

Hubster coming home to my crazy antics...

We made Halloween brownies...brownie mix with Reeses Pieces on top...

And a pumpkin shaped {turkey} pepperoni pizza {got some requests for photos on Facebook}...and my cat glasses I wore for the trick or treaters.

What can I say, I am a such a big kid at heart...living it up until I have children of my own who will hog all the excitement! 

How was your Halloween?  Get any trick or treaters {ours are far and few these days}?


  1. It's all so cute. I love the "potato head" pumpkins. And I am sooo making that pizza next year!!!!

  2. I blogged about ours. THis was the 1st year I did NOT dress up...but I did wear a Halloween themed hair accessory I created...but I didn't get a pic of that though. You're porch is lovely. Wish I had one like that.

  3. I didn't dress up this year. We took the kiddo twice ToT but it was at malls, since we where getting hit with a snow storm. The mall didn't want adults dressed up. Bummer. Then we missed the Hubs annual family party, but over all we had a blast since Aiden finally figure out he was getting candy!

  4. Love your front porch!
    And you are just too cute!
    Love the pizza the glasses and the dessert! Fun fun!!

  5. I love the Mr and Mrs Pumkin heads!

  6. Love it!! The candles on the porch are so much fun! Great idea!


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