Taking a Social Media Break

We could all use a break every now and then.  Just me...stuffing my face.
I wrote a really long post about this topic and then decided to delete it.  It was pretty dramatic so I decided I would keep it short and simple...I would hate to scare any of you away with how I really am...

I am taking a little break from Facebook...and Twitter...and clearing out some of my "favorites" in Google Reader...maybe even use Pinterest just to pin stuff I see online and not spend hours "repining."

I decided that I needed to surround myself around things that uplift...encourage...grow me...and make me happy...and there were too many days where these social media places were doing the exact opposite...

I wonder if I will be a better wife...

A better aunt...

A better friend...

I wonder if I will get more done...

Finish some projects that have been on the back burner...

Make time to do something fun...

Even write better blog posts...

I think I will.  So that is why I am taking a little break.  This little break isn't anything super rigid.  There is no end date or rules.  Because with the way the world is these days, sometimes I have to use Facebook to communicate with some people {gag me now...I cannot believe I said that}.

But I will not be updating my life...not posting adorable pictures of my nephew or me and hubby...just taking a break...living life and being the person I want to be.  Of course I will still be blogging...but hopefully with a clearer head and with less comparisons.

I am working really hard these days to set my eyes on positive things...on the God I love...and the person I want to be...all the while cleaning out the things that keep me from living this way.

My friend Jessi also wrote a really inspiring post about all this.  I crave a similar ability to let go. 

I know you are with me on some of this.  What are your thoughts on social media these days?


  1. Amen! When I began my baby blog a couple months ago I did it knowing that I wouldn't be using social media to "grow"it. I took the chance. I need that time to live my life. Although Facebook is certainly necessary occasionally...ugh! Have fun living life!

  2. I like your take on it. I, personally, wouldn't delete my FB page. For me, it's not a problem right now. If it was then that would be different story. I like being able to keep in touch and see pictures of my friends and there kids since so many of them live out of town. I still talk to my close friends and family, and FB just fills in the in between :o) Always in moderation, always balanced is how I see it.

  3. Like you say, nowadays it's easier to shoot someone a facebook message that I know they'll get in their iphones or androids. But at the same time I spend a lot of time doing nothing on facebook and I am trying as well to cut it down. Also, deleting some people I know but I'm not friends with if I feel pushing me down. Good choice Ash!

  4. I love that your doing this, I think it's super important to do every once in awhile. I feel one coming up for me too. I love social media and all, but I hate how impersonal it makes everything now. Maybe I'm just using it correctly.

    any who, we love who you are and your blog!

  5. Amen! There's just too much pressure now. It's sad that none of us can really remember life before the internet. I'm with ya!

  6. I like your take on this.
    I had to do this back in December, I also deleted tons of blogs and people from FB.
    Technology is taking over real relationships, I do believe this. And with that I'm logging off and going to do what I should be doing: My exercise follow by dinner.

  7. I totally get it.. How come we are so addicted to knowing what everyone else is doing on a daily basis??? I am guilty of it myself. I like what you wrote a lot and I check my facebook every morning. Check my blog and my email. Do I really need to do this/?? Are there other things I should be doing?? Yes...like exercising and doing my devotionals. I'm glad you touched base about this.. and think I'm going to follow you lead!! Thanks, Ashley!

  8. I love this post! and the one you linked to, thanks so much for sharing.

    I recently deleted my facebook account. I'm not on twitter, so that's no big deal. but for me, it was just taking up so much time! plus it was hard to stay content in my heart when I was constantly being influenced by 350 "friends." I've written a little about my thoughts on my blog lately.

    I just love your blog and hope we can be bloggy friends! :)

  9. Thanks for this. I spend a ridiculous amount of time on FB and I need to stop the madness. It's hard though, because I also manage the FB and Twitter accounts for my job! I've started weeding out people from FB though, that I feel are draining me or not contributing to my growth as a person.

  10. Ashley -- I know I'm chiming in late here, but I love that you're doing this.

    I was never a huge Twitter person, and though I use FB, I log on once or twice a week for a few minutes. But I read a lot of blogs, and your point about *comparisons* really resonated with me. I frequently find myself thinking, "I can't get that XXXX, because so-and-so I've never met from some blog and some other part of the country has that same XXXX." It's crazy! I'm also taking a little break from most of them, because I'm definitely in a bit of a "blogs make me crazy" place right now. :-)


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