Christmas 2011 Highlights

Happy week after Christmas!  I am enjoying catching up with friends and family and hanging with my husband as he has a couple days off of work this week.  Hope you are also finding some time to be lazy this week!  Here are some highlights from the Christmas weekend!

Jodee of Follow the Leaders always does super fun stuff with her kids, including holiday inspired pancakes.  Though we do not have kids to entertain, I thought whipping some of those pancakes up for ourselves sounded like a fun Christmas Eve morning activity!

We tried making some snowmen and a tree...just in pancake form they are a little wonky...but they get better!

They got decorated!  So fun!  We just used whatever we had in our cabinets...including some cookie crisp, pub mix, and leftover gingerbread house candy.

Our annual Christmas Eve tradition is to have dinner and open gifts at home since we spend Christmas day visiting both sides of the family.  It has been a good tradition and practice of boundaries to set that time for our little family unit. 

I usually make a ham for Christmas but this year I wanted easy...and something that we would especially enjoy.  We both like traditional holiday food but I often put Italian food {and especially cheese!} into the indulgence category and wanted something that I would really enjoy.  So we went with a Caesar salad and cheese stuffed pasta.  It was perfect!

On Christmas day we headed out to visit all of our families...

The baby had so much fun!  His first walking Christmas...he loved running around!

The whole gang on my mom's side...our yearly Christmas photo.

My fam...

And me and the hubster...

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and soon to be happy New Year! xoxo