Holiday Vintage Dress Hack

A few weeks ago I was visiting one of my besties in Oakland and she took to me to some really cute clothing stores.  My favorite by far was a vintage dress shop.  I have a few vintage dresses that I have found at thrift stores but I have never been into a shop of just beautiful vintage clothing.  I was in heaven.  

When I found this dress, it literally fit like a glove.  It wraps around and buttons in the front which is perfect because there is no way this baby was going to fit over my hips.  It was like it was made for me.  While trying it on, my friend suggested that it would be even cuter {is that possible?!} if I cut out the sleeves!  Genius!  So it was a super simple hack...since the top part covered the hem of the sleeves, I just snipped it off with no sewing involved!

And as you can see...I am completely in LOVE!  So much better and timeless, right?

And while I was at it I made a cute little red velvet bow inspired by the adorable girls from Red Velvet!

While I am on the topic of vintage clothing, a conversation we had while shopping was that wearing vintage clothing is an art.  Just like any other area of fashion, no matter what is in or trendy, you are only going to look fantastic if you are dressing for your body type.  Certain things are going to make you look great while others are going to make you look so-so.  

Vintage everything is super in right now, which I love.  But for me personally, I do not want my home or my style to look like I just walked out of the 70's.  I think there are elements that we can take from different decades, but in order to pull it off tastefully and to make it more personal, I think you need to alter it to reflect your personal style.  

Another factor I have noticed is that vintage clothing can also be kind of frumpy.  Adorable long sleeve dresses buttoned up to your neck with legs in tights and little laced up cute...and fun...but far from sexy.  I am not talking about being immodest here...rather I am encouraging to show off your best features and assets. 

The sleeves were fun and had their own unique feel.  But personally I feel like the dress went from cute to rockin'.  And well, I pick rockin' it any day!

Tonight we are hosting our second annual holiday dessert party and I will be wearing this fancy dress!  Along with the dessert theme and our colorful Christmas decor, I am decorating with a candy land type feel.  Excited to share all about it with you all in the next coming weeks! xo