Lamp Shade Ceiling Fan

Sometime Sunday afternoon, I sat home alone sitting on my couch while my husband was at work and I was putting off getting stuff together for family that was coming over for the Super Bowl within a few hours...and I was catching up in Google Reader when I read Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick's post on her family room.  She did a beautiful job that prompted me to pick up some more Ikea picture frames for a gallery wall I am working on.  

Long story short, as if an afterthought, she mentions at the very end of her post a link about her ceiling fan.  And I was like, "what ceiling fan?"  I didn't even notice her ceiling fan.  But then I looked again.  And I SAW her ceiling fan.  I clicked over...and let me just say my life has never been the same since.

Her post on the ceiling fan went something like this...

I have this ceiling fan that is old and outdated...

it has ugly glass lampshades...

but I need it for when I burn food in the oven and need to circulate air... 

And the whole entire time I was nodding my head in agreement.

The only difference is my ceiling fan is in our kitchen...out beautiful remodeled kitchen that was gorgeous the day my husband moved in...minus the fact that the previous homeowner never put in a stove fan.  

So on a pretty regular occasion our smoke alarms are going off as I boil water...okay maybe not boiling water...but cooking anything really hot with oil.  

So getting rid of our ceiling fan for a gorgeous chandelier is out of the question this ten minutes.  So I put up with it.  And crop it out of pictures.  

Until now...when Sarah showed me how to switch out that glass with a cute little lamp shade.  

I can not take any credit for this wonderful idea except the fact that I figured it all out by myself {without the husband around} hours before hosting a Super Bowl party.  

Sarah showed step by step how to change out the light covers...which I took, post opened up on my phone, to Lowe's and copied...

1. See that gold screw looking thing in between the pull balls and the fan?  Screw it off.   Real technical terminology here by the way...

2. You will find this black thing that allows you to thread other things from...

3. Find a lamp shade that has this type of connection.  I found mine at the first stop I made to TJ Maxx on my way to Lowe's.  Cost me $14 which I could have found cheaper at the thrift store or on clearance somewhere...but for a woman on a mission with a very short time allowance, it was worth all $14. 

4. Pick up the following at the hardware store.  Sarah would not tell us what this was called for spam reasons...and I was like, "c'mon, you are going to make me show the guy at Lowe's my phone to find this?"  But now I see why...thankfully I found it on my own!

5. Screw the coupling onto the black threaded piece followed by the inappropriate lady part piece... 

6. Put your lampshade on and screw the other coupling to hold it in place.

And you are done...with time to spare to even cook before the Super Bowl.  I was pretty impressed...highlight of my day...besides that M&M commercial...


  1. Oh I love this idea! Thanks for the great tutorial, now I want to do it :)

  2. LOVE it!!! I'm so glad you found everything OK. Thanks for the links!! ;)

  3. That looks great! And I always appreciate when we can make the things we already have in our homes work instead of eliminating or replacing them! We have a hideous ceiling fan in our family room (which you may have seen this week in my post), and you're making me think that a little spray paint could be just the thing, instead of replacing it. (I know that's different from what you did here, but you inspired me anyway.) :-)

  4. Thank you! Love all the info and pics. Just what I was looking for. I am off to Lowes in the morning!


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