Tea Tin Container Magnets

Tea tin magnets...the solution to getting all of my pens and notepads off of the counter and onto our refrigerator.  I saw this idea from Martha Stewart many moons ago and finally found some cute tea tins and some very strong magnets to finally make this project happen.

I hot glued a ton of strong magnets to the back of the tins...just enough to hold everything.  Because I stuffed those babies full!  I am still looking for a slightly larger tin to fill with more notepads. 

Martha suggests just putting a strong magnet inside the tin but hers are not nearly as full as mine...you did see the scissors and ruler, right?  I purposely put them on the opposite side that the refrigerator door opens so they don't go flying off when I am sneaking in some ice cream!

The refrigerator is usually filled with Christmas cards and random papers but I wanted to have a cleaner but still fun refrigerator.  Instead I chose some of our favorite photos, an encouraging note from a recent photo client, and my only most favorite magnets.  It still gives kitchen wanderers something to look at but also functions as our pen and notepad station without all the clutter.

One step closer to clutter free counters...

Tea tins were found at Marshall's and TJ Maxx...it is amazing how hard it is to find these things when you actually want to buy them!  I swear I used to see them all the time!  If anyone knows of any good places that sell tea in pretty tins, please let me know!


  1. what abot spray painting ugly tea tins? maybe add a cute piece of burlap or doiley to the front of it?! :)

  2. akso, I love the updated banner at the top! SUPER JOB! :)

  3. LOVE!! My health food store has really pretty tea tins, I just saw some on Saturday!! :)

  4. Such a great idea! You are right, I've used to see them all the time before!!

  5. So cute! I just love it! Where did you get the strong magnets?

  6. You can get those tins at just about any touristy corner-shop where I live. Why not just hop on a plane? Easy-peasy ;)
    Jill x

  7. Those colorful cute magnets are fun to look at. It can make a boring fridge into a happy one. :D

  8. That may be the cutest thing I've ever seen!


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