Go Do Something For Yourself

I trimmed my bangs today.  And it pretty much made my day.

Bangs?  You say?  Let me explain.

I do not get a hair cut very often.  Partly because I wear my hair up in a ponytail most of the time and partly because it takes time to go get them cut.

To drop in just to get my bangs cut seems like a lot of effort for such a little thing.

But when they get long I start getting really antsy.  I know I need to go get them cut but there are ten thousand other things I need to do instead.

So I let them grow.  And I start feeling terrible about myself.  I know it is because my bangs look all wispy and long and my rarely plucked eyebrows can now show through.

So instead of taking the time to go get them cut, I cut them myself today.  My hairstylist doesn't like it when I do this...and I know it is not as good as she would do it.  But for my sanity...and for myself...I needed to just trim them.

And what a world of difference it made.

They are not perfect, but I could step out the door with confidence. 

To stop worrying about how terrible my bangs looked and focus on other things that were more important.

Some times it is the littlest things that get us out of a slump.

Go do something for yourself today.

It doesn't have to be perfect, but if it will lift your spirits a little...

You are worth it.