Being in the Moment

I love taking pictures.  Almost more than being in the actual moment sometimes.

{I know sometimes it is good to step away from the camera and live life.  But that is another post.  Today I want to talk about how I love being behind the camera.}

There is something about capturing a moment and then to be able to look back on it...forever.

I think as a semi-introverted, reserved, people watcher, and highly sensitive to what goes on around me, taking pictures allows me to take note of the big and small details around me.

Jamie Beck, says this about photography:
For many of the shoots we do they are typically “on location”.  I love this.  I love discovering a new place, being inspired by the way it makes you feel and letting that be a part of the difiniation of what you are there to create.  The first thing I do when I come to a new space is to watch the light.  I spend a day with the location and watch it… live, if you will.  I photograph it quiet and empty so that I may better begin to write the song we need to sing.
To be a writer of a song we need to sing...I just love that!

Of all the moments I have photographed, nothing quite gets me as engagement sessions.  Something about being a part of a couple's intimate season of engagement, taking photos of them interact as they are more intertwined with each other than any other thing in this world, and getting to be a small part of their love story, moves me in ways beyond what I have ever experienced.  I literally get goose bumps.

The heart can be such a private matter at times.  And it is amazing to be able to capture a glimpse into one's most inner being.  Their heart.  True Love.

I am a romantic.  Not only am I so privileged to experience my own love story...but I get to play a part in capturing the love story of others.

A love story that will forever be looked back upon.  Memories to hang on walls and adorn photo albums.  A story of two lives becoming one.

I love what I do.


Wedding season is among us and I am excited to join my sweet hubby in capturing these special days over the next few months!  I am trying to be better at incorporating and updating what we are doing over at Urke Photography here at Domestic Fashionista.  So consider this post a brief catch up of this last year!  If you haven't had the chance, I would love for you to hop on over and see what we have been up to!


  1. Love love all your pics! You really do capture the love and joy from all those people! Wish we were living closer so you could take some pics of my family too!!

  2. That's something I've been trying to work on. I had this need of capturing everything on camera. But now I'm more about being in the moment and not worrying about having pictures of it later. Sometimes I wish I had my camera with me, but honestly, I feel like the moment will always be registered in my heart. And that's what matters the most :)

  3. First, I love your photos and reading more about you on your blog! I'm so glad that you saw my comment on Tracy's blog and I squealed with delight in finding another NorCal blogger! I hope to see you for the meet-up and if I dont then maybe we can meet up beforehand. I'm in Palo Alto! Email me and lets chat it up! :)

  4. Ashley, you guys are GOOD!!! These pictures really struck me. Wow! Especially the third one down on the gold/yellow bridge is wonderful!

    You know how when you look at a lot of stuff online you can kind of become jaded to good photography but these wowed me. Hope you're having a good Sunday. Kelly


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