Backyard Garden Baby Shower

My best friend is having a baby.  Though I have had other friends have's nothing quite like having your best friend have one.  I think it is a more real reminder that this is the next season of our lives.  Being moms. 

It was a beautiful day in Alameda where we spent the afternoon showering my sweet friend with delicious sweets and treats for her baby girl.  Her friend hosted the beautiful day and I helped out with some of the eats and decor.

The backyard garden was a perfect backdrop to sweet little baby outfits and vintage alphabet letters...


Pictures of the mom and dad to be welcomed guests and invited them to give advice to this new momma...

Friends and family near and far came to celebrate...

The mom to be with her momma...

Mom to be with her mother in law...

And all the girlfriends...

For more info on the decor, check out the post from my sister in law's baby shower for all the details!

Congratulations Carrie and James!  Love you guys so much!  And thanks for paving the way with these life milestones.  I look forward to hearing and learning all about what it is like to be a new parent!  xo


  1. Looks an absolutely beautiful shower!!! Great photos.

  2. What a beautiful shower! And can I say that your friend is a beautiful pregnant woman?!??! Geez...some have all the luck. :) Congrats all around!

  3. I saw something on Pinterest that said: "You know you're getting old when your friends start having kids on purpose." haha, so true. I feel like this has been the baby shower year!

    It looks so sweet, everything you put together for your friend. I love all the little details, especially the display of the parents' baby pictures. So clever and sweet!

  4. This is a beautiful shower! Your friend is going to love having your pictures of it, too! They turned out lovely!

    I really like those party favors, too! The colors were so pretty!

  5. Wow-
    Thanks Ash! I feel famous:) Love all the pics (because I loved the day of course). You are amazing!

  6. Such a cute shower!! I love the wood block decorations and the decorative sugar cookies. :)


  7. Adorable! Looks like a great day!

  8. Beautiful! I love the picture of the 'momma to be and her momma'. Very sweet and I like the tree decorations. Aww looks like a fn day. :D

  9. Great baby shower! The theme is super fun and I love of the pictures!


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