Life Updates

The fact that I don't have "real" photos to share with you should just go to show how busy and tired I feel...!

I thought I would check in today and give you an update on what is going on in my life these days.  I have plenty of things around the house to share with you but my energy level has been extremely I feel like I am coasting through maintenance mode. 

Allergies in Sacramento are really bad this year...pretty much every conversation I have with people, the topic of how terrible their allergies are usually comes up.

On top of that my husband has been working a lot of crazy hours.  This week he worked graveyard and though I am thankful I am around when he is home during the day to hang out with him, it is effecting my sleep schedule and energy level. 

It seems like all I want to do is sleep.  And please, I will assure you, I am not pregnant!!! ;)

We recently got a new camera...a Nikon D800.  My husband is very happy about this.  He is shooting my friend's wedding in a little over a week that I am a bridesmaid for.  Wedding season is about to get into full swing for us!  

I am still hanging out a lot with this little guy.  As my nephew gets older, I am enjoying his ability to play more and focus his attention on one thing for a longer period of time.  This makes for a lot more fun as well as a much happier auntie.

Have I mentioned how good this is for me?  I am definitely one who likes to plan and prepare ahead for things...and being with this guy makes me constantly thankful that when the time comes to be a parent I will not be in completer utter shock.

I think we are going to have a fun summer...

I went on my first bloggy blind date on Sunday with the beautiful and talented Tiffany from Living Savvy.  It was so fun to sit across the table from someone who shares so many of my same passions...home decor, blogging, and husband's who put up with our madness!  I felt so blessed to put some realness to this whole blogging thing.  It is sometimes so much safer to sit behind my computer and interact with you all...but doing it in real life fills my heart even more! 

I started working on my life book {finally}.  I think I mentioned this once months ago.  But the plan is to make one large album from my birth to the year before we got married.  I am going through all of my old paper scrapbooks and taking out photos I want to keep for the album.  I am then taking pictures of them to put them in digital form and will eventually make them into a photo book.  This project will take a very long time so I will be sharing more details about it as I go along.

Some of you have also kindly asked about how my dad is doing.  He is past his six week precautionary stage so everything from the surgery should be healed up and he can start returning to his regular physical activity.  He finally gets to drive himself again which he is very happy about and will be returning back to work soon.  Him and my mom have been heading to the local mall each morning to walk for 45 minutes.  This consistent exercise has been a really good thing for both of them.  He has his follow up appointment with the cardiologist next month to check on how everything is going. 

This Saturday I am heading to the San Francisco area to celebrate with my two best friends.  One is having a baby shower and the other is celebrating her birthday.  We will also be hosting two Mother's Day meals on Sunday with our family.  And then next week will be wedding week.  It's going to be fabulously busy around here!

Lots to share but no time to share it!  Be back soon!  xo


  1. Don't you hate it when people say you're preggers everytime you get tired? Don't people realize how busy life is? :)

    My husband works graveyard shifts about 1/2 the time, so I totally understand how it can mess your sleeping schedule up. I normally stay up WAY too late when he's at work.

    Hope you get your energy back girl, summer's here!!!!

  2. I hear it with the crazy schedule. Now everything is even more hectic since we live like nomads. I am so glad to hear about your dad, those things can take a toll on everyone.
    So glad you have a busy week, it makes time go faster and feel like you accomplish so much.

  3. Jeez girl - no wonder you're so tired! You've got a lot going on!!! It all sounds really fun, but would totally wipe me out, too!

    Congrats on the new camera! The lens on that bad boy is HUGE! :o)

  4. Wow, remember that stress scale I talked about. You're tipping the scale... Sounds so busy. I can't wait to see some wedding photos. I hope your allergies will be a little better by then. I'm feeling your pain out at this end of the country. 30 seconds outside and I 'm a mess of watery eyes and runny nose. yuck.

    Have a good weekend!!!

  5. Glad to hear your Dad is doing so well! Have a great weekend!

  6. oh girl, I feel you on the tired thing! have fun this weekend!

  7. My hubs worked nights when we first got married, having that schedule is ROUGH. I feel for you :) So exciting that you got to hang with a fellow blogger! I'm planning on meeting up with one from my area soon, it's so fun to make new friends!

  8. Ugh! My allergies have been playing up SO badly lately too! (and we are in AUTUMN!) - EEEEK!! I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT YOUR CAMERA PURCHASE!!!!!!!!! I am super jealous but can't wait to see the pics and your thoughts on it too. :D Your Nephew is adorable. I have had the similar thoughts looking after my own Nephew but they mostly end with me thinking 'thank god I can give him back at the end of the day'. Haha
    Glad to hear your Dad is doing well. Nothing is more stressful than health issues with family.

  9. I seem to be the only one not affected by allergies in Sacramento (knock on wood!). Congratulations on your Dad doing well, my grandparents walk a local mall every morning to walk too, I wonder if they know each other :) Have a good rest of your week!



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