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I  recently printed another photo book through Blurb with pictures from my phone.  One of the cool features about Blurb is that they have book formats for you to upload your blog, Facebook pictures, and Instagram photos into a book.

Since until recently, as an Android user, I did not have Instagram.  I could have just uploaded my phone pictures like a regular album but I liked the features of the Facebook and Instagram books so I uploaded my phone pictures into a private folder on Facebook and then uploaded to Blurb from there.  This allows Blurb to automatically grab and include the text associated with each picture.  The Facebook feature also allows you to include comments friends made on your picture!  So fun, right?!


Now that Instagram is available for Android users, I no longer have to go through this long process next time.  It was quite timely as literally the week after I ordered the book Instagram came out for the Android.  So now all my new photos since ordering this book are already in Instagram.

What I love about this {and social networking in photos in general} is that I am able to capture and remember the small moments of life.  Things not necessarily worthy of my regular camera and only one picture worth, make for a fun little book that gives a unique look through life.

It is also a perfect little square size to keep out on a side table for people to look at.

I'll admit it was a bit pricey if you want to include all your photos as there is only one photo per page.  But I personally think printing and preserving pictures is worth the money.  Plus these books are so easy.  No designing or getting each page perfectly set up.  Just upload and print.  Immediate gratification.

And thanks to our phones, sometimes we don't always have a camera around to remember some really special moments.  And I am not about to make a book that includes high resolution edited photos next to some taken with my camera {photo snob} so this allows me to still preserve those memories.

And you gotta love the front and back covers.  Super cool looking, right?!

Do you do anything with the pictures off of your phone?


  1. This is an amazing idea Ashley!!!! I'm so going to look into this.. I've always thought pictures on a phone just go to waste as nothing really happens to them besides going on FB or something.. this is a great idea.. thanks for introducing us to Blurb!.. this is why I love you and your blog :)

  2. I love instagram and blurb! The books are sort of pricey, but they turn out so well and I do agree. Sometimes it is great to have the pic on paper and not just on a cd!

  3. Cute!!!! I want to do something like this for my business... (add it to my to do list)

    BTW~~ How is your Dad doing????
    I hope all is well!!!!

  4. I love this idea! I use Blurb to do books on all our vacations and trips. Love them! I really wish I had an iPhone so I could do a book like this. I still have a blackberry, which takes terrible photos. What size of book is this one? Did you have any trouble with the images not being large enough for the book? I've tried to include iPhone pictures from my husband's phone in a blurb book and I always get an error message that the photos aren't the right quality/size.

  5. What a great idea. Lately I've been using my iPhone almost exclusively for photos and have been wondering what I can do with all those Instagram pics (other than post them to our blog).

  6. Oh my gosh. I love this idea. So great to capture those moments so you can look at them more often and share them with others. I think I will be doing this myself soon! Thanks for the inspiration!


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