What I Have Been Wearing {via Instagram}

Today I am sharing what I have been wearing via my Instagram photos {domesticfash}.  Nothing new here as I am mostly wearing dresses as it is gets hot but I have been giving a few of my shorts a try.  And let me just say they were not this tight last summer.  Ahem. 

I have been really good the past few months at not shopping for clothes.  I cleared out my closet to only items I absolutely love and it makes getting dressed so much easier.  Plus I am really content with what I have.  It's a good feeling.

Dress: Marshall's
Sweater: Nordstrom Rack
Backpack: Lowepro Photo Sport Backpack // It has a place for a water reservoir as well as that bottom pocket you see on the side holds and protects my camera.  Plus room for snacks and my first aid kit.  LOVE it.  If you are outdoorsy and carry an SLR, I highly recommend it.

Dress: Target clearance
Earrings: $1 Flea Market

It's been on the to-do list for awhile to repaint our bathroom but seeing them in these pictures, I really like the contrast of color.  Hmm...

And I feel like I am looking at an old Highlights magazine with the two above photos.  How many differences can you spot in my bathroom?  I see three.

Dress: JC Penny w/coupon
Belt: Charlotte Russe Outlet
Blazer: Thrifted Bebe
Clutch: Thrifted vintage 

Close up of the dress and clutch...the dress is black with gold sparkles...and that clutch beading...stunning alright.

Shoes: Steve Madden from TJ Maxx

Memorial Day outfit...I tried to be patriotic!

Top: Old Navy clearance
Shorts: Ross
Earrings: really old?

I have started taking up beading a little bit...here is one of my Tiny Twig inspired necklaces.

Top: Old Navy clearance
Shorts: TJ Maxx

Some of my favorite summer dresses:

Navy: Old Navy clearance
Red: JC Penny w/ coupon
White: thrifted vintage

Top: JC Penny w/ coupon
Shorts: H&M {this season}

I have been seeing this JCrew knock off necklace around blog land and heard you can buy it from Ebay for about $9-$14.  The JCrew necklace retails for $100.  I will take knock off thank you.

Above is showing off the necklace after it came in the mail while I was wearing my workout clothes and hanging with my nephew.  Below with normal clothes.

I have been wearing this necklace A LOT!  Like every other outfit.  Seriously love it.  And a perfect shade of turquoise to go with all my navy.

I've also been doing my hair and keeping it down.  Gasp.  I know.  I am as shocked myself.

Necklace: Ebay
Dress: Target clearance
Belt: Charlotte Russe Outlet

And speaking of getting rid of clothes and wearing the ones you love, I highly recommend the ebook The No Brainer Wardrobe by Hayley of Tiny Twig.  She speaks straight to my simplified closet heart as well as only keeping around clothes that work for you and your body type.  Amen?!


  1. All lovely outfits :)

    I wish I could be a dress person...I try, but it just comes down to me being a shorts/jeans kinda person.

  2. i'm in love with everything about that third outfit. The white blazer from Thrifted Bebe. (where is that?) the belt the dress, the clutch. And you look so chic with that ponytail. Oh, to be young again! wink.
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss blog)

  3. You always wear the cutest dresses! And I'm in need of the bubble necklace! I'm just too afraid of buying on Ebay!

  4. What cute outfits! I think we have a similar sense of style and I love the fact you mention you get a lot of it on clearance (and I just cleared out Target's clearance section of a TON of stuff recently). I'm gonna follow you on instagram!


  5. You shop at all my favorite boutiques! :) LOVE that JCrew necklace.

  6. Love literally all your outfits. So chic, trendy and affordable. We really need to go shopping together. :)

  7. I am so saving my pennies and getting the necklace (saw it in yellow)I'm loving your outfits :)

  8. Love this post. I need to check out the closet thing. My closet is packed and I still feel like I have nothing to wear... Having work outfits separate from weekend/other day outfits doesn't help...

  9. So many cute outfits. My favorite was the Memorial day one (love the earrings).
    P.S. How cute are you with a kiddo on your hip!!!!

  10. I love your side ponytail. Whenever I try that I always look like I walked straight out of the 80's. And your Nephew is adorable!! :D And I also like the contrast of the bathroom paint to the bedroom/other room.


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