{Healthier} Box Brownie Recipe

Brownies are definitely one of my favorite sweet indulgences.  I like to pack mine with chocolate chips for a chocolatey crunch in the center.

But because like most indulgences, I try to not eat the whole batch by the time my husband gets home from work, I thought I would try a healthier variation to make them a little more guilt free.  I got the idea to play around with swapping non-fat Greek yogurt for eggs and oil from this Hungry Girl cake swap recipe.

{Healthier} Box Brownie Recipe
-1 box of Pillsbury brownie mix {I use Pillsbury because it is made with soy and not milk but any box would probably do}

Follow box directions except:
-Swap eggs with egg whites
-Swap 1/2 of the oil called for with non-fat Greek yogurt
-I also added a heaping tablespoon of ground flaxseed
-Add about 1 cup of dark chocolate chips

This swap recipe came out really good!  It wasn't quite as chocolatey decadent, but definitely held a lot of it's flavor.  My husband couldn't tell the difference and I freely indulged like I would without the swaps! 

I tried a similar swap in these peanut butter cookies that also came out fantastic!  The Hungry Girl cake swap is pretty good but not as sweet as I would normally want.  I find that keeping some of the fats and oil, by only swapping half, it retains it's sweet and decadent flavor.  I also often swap whole wheat flour for half of flour recipes.

Enjoy your little chocolate brownie hearts out!

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Any healthy recipe swaps to share?