Putting Up A Picket Fence

Over the 4th of July holiday, my husband took a few days off giving him the entire week off.  So how did we spend it?  Pretty much almost everyday was spent on putting up a much anticipated white picket fence.

The fence is completely up and finished minus a little gate in front of our walkway.  But until I remember to go outside to take some pictures, I thought I would at least share today about the process.

Besides the curb appeal, we live near two schools where we get a lot of kids {and their parents} walking through our yard...hanging out in our yard...kicking our plants...leaving garbage...and basically being a regular daily 3:00 irritation.  And it only has seemed to get worse every year.  So here we are three years later into my husband who first bought our home, finally putting up a fence.  It was truly one of the greatest days of my life.  That's how irritated I would get. 

The project ended up being much more work than we anticipated, much like most home renovations.  But despite the 100 degree weather, sprinklers in the wrong place, and tired husband...we got it done.

We went with the white vinyl, though it was more expensive than wood, because we just could not pass up how nice it looks.  We had to put in wood fence posts with the thought that with living on a somewhat busy corner and all the kids and cars, we wanted that fence to be as sturdy as possible.  

Lots of digging...and lots of cementing...

Because the grass was now being fenced off, I played around with some ideas of opening up the garden so that we could walk and run the mower between each side.  I finally came up with a set up I love and will show you in an upcoming post.

And in case you thought I just took pictures while my husband worked his butt off...I did do a lot of digging and replanting with my sweet mother's help.  And this photo is also a reflection that I am getting old.  I wore a long sleeved shirt, pants, and big ol' hat in 100 degree weather.  Because between skin cancer and the new talk about how sunscreen is bad for you too, I just cannot keep up with it all.  I will take my white healthy skin over a tan any day from now on.

We even worked into the evening some nights...bless his heart...

And since we spent so many hours outside, I figured I should probably finish painting the posts on the porch white.  What a difference.  Why didn't I do this sooner?  Oh yeah, I am lazy...and did I say 100 degrees already...?

And the baby {my nephew} even got into the fun...he is crazy...I love him...

Full fence reveal soon...pinky promise.  But if you follow me on instagram...you probably already saw it.  I couldn't help but spoil the surprise.