What If...?

I recently read a blog post by Donald Miller about asking yourself "what if?"  He talks about as a writer, when the story starts getting boring, the author often asks a what if question to make the story more exciting or meaningful.

He then challenges readers to write five what if questions in the comment section very quickly without much thinking.  So this is what I wrote: 

what if I stopped blogging?
what if I painted my walls white?
what if I only wrote from my heart and not to fill in time or space?
what if I stopped worrying about pleasing other people?

I have been struggling lately with forcing myself to put out blog posts.  It doesn't feel natural and as inspired as usual.  I feel like I am in maintenance mode, which is okay, but I desire to do it with passion.

I have felt this way ever since sharing a post about pulling back.  I feel like I need a bit more quiet in my life and sitting down to write posts has felt like a bunch of noise.

While I learn this balance of living my day to day differently, my heart and mind are not ready to sit down to blog.  And really, this is the first time in awhile that I was inspired by something and stopped what I was doing to write.

And that is because I was inspired.

I have been inspired by a lot of things lately.  I did paint my walls white...kind of.  But for some reason I have not been inspired to write about them.  And I think it is because I have been too busy living out those inspirations.

I want to write a good story for my life...literally and figuratively. 

So if it seems quiet around here, or even perhaps that I am not completely myself, know it is because I need to let my blogging heart breathe a little.  I want to give it a break so that when it is ready it is fresh and excited.

Perhaps there is something in your life that needs a little breathing room.  Give it the air it needs.

I welcome you to also ask five "what if" questions in the comment section below.

And if you are interested, another fantastic thought provoking read on why we need rest and not be efficient all of the time can be found here.