Almost White Dining Room

Yesterday I shared about redoing a buffet and hutch for our dining room.  These two pieces were the backbones to a dining room transformation.  I wanted something airy and light.  And I wanted something that was not blue.

Don't get me wrong, I love blue.  But over time I have learned that my eye is trained to see blue cool tones over brown warm tones.  Needless to say, it has been a pain to learn.  This room got painted twice in one week trying to get the right color as well as our bedroom also got painted twice for the same reason.  More on that later.  But I struggle with seeing paint colors until it is painted in an entire room.  It has been a very irritating but good lesson.  I am getting a better grasp on what I like...making ten million mistakes in order to get there.  Bless my poor patient husband and my painting partner mother.

So before we go into the reveal, let's take a trip down memory lane.  The first time I painted our dining room, I went with a dark greyish blue.  I questioned that it was too dark.  Should have listened to my intuition because about a year later I painted it again. 

The beginning of this year I painted it a light greyish blue.  It was the same color as our master bedroom and so I knew I liked the color.  You can see I started getting more comfortable with browns and golds but still stuck with my blue undertone roots.
And then one day all I saw was blue.  So I decided I wanted to paint the room white.  But apparently many whites also look blue.  So I started a Pinterest board, Almost White Walls, and found that it was more of a creamy white I was going for. 

After I purchased my two pieces of furniture {and that vintage tufted couch you see in the background--also a $30 Goodwill find} I started going to town painting the dining room.  Two paint colors later and a whole lot of paint samples, I found a creamy white color with just a bit of a dirty grey hint to it.  

It made me a little nervous as my wood pieces were not painted yet and the room was looking really brown, but I trusted my intuition and just went with it. 

See how blue, blue, blue the rest of the house is?  I was apparently crazy for it!

So after a few white painted pieces of furniture later...I am happy to share and announce my "almost white dining room!"

Mirror found at the Goodwill and collected candlesticks purchased from HomeGoods.  The candlesticks were a bit expensive but I think they make a real statement and will be very versatile when things get changed around seasonally.  I wanted a simple but classic look and I think the candlesticks really nailed it.

I found a new curtain rod at Ross {you can also find here} for $25 and curtains are the same as the ones we have in our living room and master bedroom {find them from Ikea here}. 

Love seat from Goodwill and pillows I made a few years ago.  

Antlers were a statement piece I wanted for awhile.  I wanted one of those white ceramic heads {$100} but they are way too expensive for how often I change my mind.  I had been searching thrift stores for a vintage pair but finally settled on purchasing this one off of Etsy {$28}.  A much more reasonable price for my budget and I absolutely love it!

I decided to keep the ladder out but took all the books down.  I love the modern feel of the frame hanging.  Fills in the wall space without feeling cluttered.

I stacked up my collection of vintage trunks to serve as a side table {all thrifted}. 

I don't think I have a picture of the entire room with our dining table because I believe at the time it was covered with stuff but I have some pictures that are coming up in a future post that will give you a better feel for the entire room.

I have loved these two prints from Jones Design Company for awhile and finally purchased them when she had a half off sale.  I love that they are images of home decor items but also include verses reflecting the heart of our home. 

I streamlined my white serving dishes.  After almost three years of marriage I forced myself to keep only the pieces I really loved and actually used regularly.  That way everything is accessible and there is room for new found pieces that I fall in love with.  I have been on a hunt for some fluted cake stands and finally found some at Pier One.

There you have it!  My almost white dining room!  And it is exactly what I wanted.  I am so looking forward to decorating for fall as a lot of my pieces are dirty brown colors and I think it will look perfect with the new decor.

This room has been my blood, sweat, and tears the past few months so I am extremely excited to finally share it with you!  It has been very rewarding to be patient and hunt for many of these pieces that made up much of this room.  I promise to love it longer than my last two paint jobs!  wink.

Paint Color: Valspar Asiago