How to Have a No Brainer Wardrobe

The No Brainer Wardrobe is written by a girl after my own heart....Hayley of the Tiny Twig.  It has only been the past few years that I have really gotten a handle on what is right for me, my body, skin tone, and lifestyle when it comes to clothes.  Because...just because it is cute doesn't mean it will work for me. 

I read the No Brainer Wardrobe months ago and still refer back to so many points Hayley touched on.  Just like my home, I want my wardrobe to also be loved, enjoyed, but simple in a way that I don't have to think too much when I am trying to get ready. 

I love that she points our that we do not have to be a slave to clothing.  We can find out how clothes can work for actually make us look our best...or even better! 

As women we can be so insecure and so lost when it comes to getting dressed.  And somehow when we find that right look, it can do so much to boost our self esteem.  Here are some things Hayley says about this:
You see, clothes are just made to cover your body and keep you warm. The plus side is that clothes can also be beautiful, an expression of ourselves, and a way to play up our best features. But, clothes don’t have power over you. You have power over them. You choose how many to have. You choose how much to spend. You get to pick the colors you wear (which may be different from what your momma told you was a good color on you--and what was not). You get to decide what best suits this body of yours. Best of all, it is in your ability to do each of these things.
She goes on to talk about the importance of having a simple wardrobe.  That though it is fun to have a ton of accessories or options, on a day to day basis we need to have a streamlined wardrobe so that we can get out the door on a crunched time schedule still looking our best.

She also shares about how much easier it is to have less separates and embrace dresses.  You know I was all about that!

The No Brainer Wardrobe gives tips on dressing for your body type, going through your exisitng wardrobe, the emotional ties our wardrobe has on us, and how to created a wardrobe for each season of the year of only essentials. 
You need to be able to simply put it on, already knowing you look fabulous. No thinking, no wondering, just grabbing and going.
And if I haven't convinced you enough, I love her promo video:

Untitled from hayley morgan on Vimeo.

I know some of you are on the fence about this.  I have read your comments and emails wanting to simplify your wardrobe.  Here is your chance.  Of all the things you have to worry about in your busy life, your wardrobe should not be one of them.

Check out the No Brainer Wardrobe ebook!

I would love to know, what is the most frustrating part of getting dressed for you?  For me, I try to incorporate pants and shorts when I know I do not love them, and it only wastes time when I end up going with a skirt or dress instead.