Thankfulness Thursdays :: Week 3

Today is week three of Thankfulness Thursdays where we meet up each week to share what we are thankful for from now until Thanksgiving.  You can write a simple list or focus on writing about one thing you are thankful for.  No rigid rules! 

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I enjoy looking at life through the lens of my camera.  It is like I get to step back and see what is in front of me.  Some like to be in front of the pack seeing what is ahead...not ever looking back.  I like to take a minute to soak in what is going on.  There is great perspective there.  

With the start of the school year, I have been looking back at the year and year's past.

It has now been an entire school year since I was a substitute teacher.  Something I knew inside of me was not a good fit but kept with it anyways.

And now it has been over a year that I have spent watching my nephew instead.  He was my excuse to get out of substitute teaching and an opportunity to work part time from home.

Prior to substitute teaching I was in college which also seemed to be the same dragging struggle.  I found out in my last year of school that I did not want to teach full time.  My last year of college was rough as I continued to finish something I no longer had interest in but finished for the sake of finishing.

In the last five years or so, I have been in a place where I knew I did not want to be but had to be there for one reason or another.  For the first time, dare I say for the first time in my official adult years, that I feel like I am right where I want to be.

Where I am supposed to be and where I want to be are different things.  I am thankful that where I am supposed to be and where I want to be have finally aligned.

But I would not be in this place if I didn't listen to my heart and take the risk of saying "no" to things that weren't working for me and "yes" to things that fit with where I wanted to be in life.

I get in ruts...more often than I would like.  Emotional ruts.  Relational ruts.  Mental ruts.  But these all come and go.  Life ruts are a little harder to get in and out of.  To think that I could have gotten stuck in a place that I didn't like because that is where I thought I was supposed to be and it fit into the world's view of what a 28 year old's life should look like.

Instead I get to be right at the place I dreamed of being.  For everyone that is different but for me it is being at home.  I don't want to take advantage of that.  So I am reevaluating my role at home and making the most at being where I want to be and where I am supposed to be at.

Because in five years, I want to look back and remember that I took great advantage of this season of life.  A season where I got to be exactly where I wanted to be and did not waste it.

*Photos from my view of "Adventure Club"