31 Days of Creative Homemaking

I am very excited to share today a month long series I will be doing in October on creative homemaking for the modern day woman!  For the past couple of years The Nester has been hosting a 31 Days Series and I have always been inspired by her posts.  This year I have finally built up the courage to join in!

I chose to phrase this series "creative homemaking for the modern day woman" after a little discussion we had on the DF Facebook page.  I will go more into detail about this but I believe that we all are homemakers in one way or another in the sense that we make our house a home.  This looks different for everyone but I believe my main focus here is to encourage woman to better love and take care of their home and the people in it.  Starting this series is sort of a refocus for me and my desire for Domestic Fashionista.  

I am a bit nervous about the discipline of posting every day but think this will be a great way to encourage myself in being a better homemaker and also put together a ton of posts I have had on my to do list about the basics of running my home that I don't always make the time to write.

In my normal "winging it" ways, I will probably not prepare much and am happy to just go with it and let the series emerge with me.  But I would love to hear of any suggestions on topics that you might be interested in as it pertains to how I take care of my home.

A few topics that have been asked for in the past that I will try to include are:
-Entertaining--supplies I use, where I store things, how I pull it all together effortlessly
-Daily to do list/day in my life type of post
-How homemaking and simple living are tied together
-What homemaking looks like in this modern day world

I think I just started myself an outline!

So I would love to hear--what would you like to read about in this series as it pertains to taking care of and running the home?  I am open to suggestions! 

And if you would like, head on over to Nesting Place and consider joining in on a 31 Days Series yourself!

*I didn't realize until after I decided to commit to this that I will also still be hosting Thankfulness Thursdays as well.  Wowzers.  So on top of writing 31 days straight on homemaking, I will still be posting TT.  So Thursdays, be on the lookout for two posts that day!  As well as incorporating random Halloween inspired posts in the mix as well.  Someone might have to resuscitate me come November...just in time for the holidays.  Grreeaat.  Hope you will hang in there with me this next month!!!


31 Days of Creative Homemaking for the Modern Day Woman is now available as an ebook!  Click here to find out more about this entire series in an easy to read PDF download!