DIY Photo Booth

I love to entertain.  So when my birthday comes around every year, whether a big or small party, I want it to be fun.  Last year we went all out with my backyard country themed party so this year we went with a smaller celebration with just family.  But I still wanted some sort of activity...cue DIY photo booth.  By far one of the funniest things ever.  It is quite a hoot when everyone stands around watching.  Ball your eyes out laughing funny.  I love forcing people outside of their comfort zone.

I made a photo booth board on Pinterest for inspiration and ended up sticking with crepe paper and some paper garland.  Simple, inexpensive, but still adorable.  

And my ever so sweet little sister in law came over and helped me put this thing together in the 100 degree heat.  Bless her heart. 

It was not hard to do.  I stood on a step ladder behind our board {leftover wood from our wedding dance floor!} and taped the crepe paper down with packing tape.  I then dropped it over the front for my sister in law to catch and then we taped it down.  We also twisted a few in normal crepe paper twisting fashion to add some layers.  Then we taped everything on the back and on the bottom front so that it all stayed in tack.

Come the day of the party, we set up our little photo booth under a tree in the shade.

No need to make it stand on it's own, we just propped it up against the tree.

We set up one of our cameras on a tripod with the remote but I ended up just standing behind it to take all the pictures.  Had this been a bigger party, the remote setup would have been handy for people to take photos as they please. 

I had intentions of making photo booth props but ran out of time.  So I found some things around the house but the majority of the props came from the Dollar Tree.  Score on that one for sure.  And then I didn't have to feel bad about throwing everything into our yard sale stash after the party.

A very successful photo booth in my opinion!  Thankful for a family with a great sense of humor!  Love them.

Come back this week for the rest of the party details!