Domestic Fashionista Gets a New Look

Things are looking a little different around here these days.  Just as if I would show you around my house of all the new things I have been doing, let's take a little look around the blog and I will explain what's new these days.  If you read in Google Reader or email, I would love for you to hop on over (you can click on this link and it will take you to my home page) to get the full tour! 

I have been doing some research on branding as well as trying to pin my finger down a little better on my purpose and goal behind writing at Domestic Fashionista.  I am excited about the results and the future of Domestic Fashionista as I become more intentional and focused with what I share here. 

1--Not only a new header look, but also a new tagline.  "Creative homemaking for the modern day woman."  I am going to share more about this next week.  But I wanted to give new visitors a glimpse of what I am about and what I write about.  I spent many days trying to come up with the perfect tagline that was descriptive but not too much.  I took a risk calling myself the Domestic Fashionista years ago and haven't regretted it.  Hoping this new tagline will stick around with me for the long run as well.

2--Category tabs to my archives.  If you want to read all of my posts about a certain topic, these are the categories to check out.  I have probably changed my categories millions of times but narrowing them down to these eight fit the majority of what I write about here.  Again, another great place for new visitors to poke around and see what this place is about.

3--A new about page.  Worth the click over.  I put together sort of a mission statement.  I am pretty proud about it.  Explaining yourself in one paragraph is hard but I think I did it.  This is also wear you can find my email address if needed.  

4--Less ads.  I felt like my advertisement was getting in the way of the cohesiveness of the blog design.  I decided the feel of Domestic Fashionista was more important than a couple more dollars a month on advertisement.  So I am just keeping a few around.

5--On the sidebar is an extension of my category tabs.  I am starting a series in October that will kick off the new focus of Domestic Fashionista.  Once October rolls around you will be able to access all of the related posts by clicking on this button.

6--Access all Thankfulness Thursday posts and link ups here.

7--More categories to come.  Click on this wedding button to read posts related to our wedding.  I will also be adding more buttons as I go including links to popular tutorials or specific categories outside of the main ones up top.

8--Looking for a specific post?  You can type in specific words or part of a post title and it will find related posts.  One of the easiest ways to find an old post. 

So there you have it!  Thanks for letting me show you around!  I feel really thankful and blessed that I am at a place where I feel extremely confident about the direction Domestic Fashionista is going and am ready to follow through on some of the dreams I have had for this place.  But I would not be here without your kind support and encouragement.  Your friendship and community gives a breath of life to my words and I cannot even begin to share how that has blessed my life.  Much love fashionistas.