31 Days of Creative Homemaking :: Day 17--A Post About Hand Soap

I am a bit of a hand soap snob.  Okay, well maybe not a snob as I do not care what kind of hand soap other people use.  So let's just say I am very particular about the hand soap I use in my own home.  I mean, I am writing a whole entire post on it!

I really believe it is the small details that make a home stand out.  Not everyone notices the little things...but those who are detail oriented will.  I love those people.

So why am I so particular about hand soap?  

Let me explain...!

First off, I have a thing for Bath and Body Works hand soap.  It is pretty and smells great.  A small luxury I indulged in for years.  Than I decided that I prefer the foam soap over the beaded gel like kind because not everyone in our home makes sure that all the soap gets washed down the sink after washing their hands and the gelish soap would dry and stick to the side of the sink.

Now this is a whole other issue.  I could choose to get irritated with this *certain* person in the house who does this.  wink.  But I figure it is not worth the argument.  Instead I just buy the foam soap so that it washes down the sink easier.  You gotta pick your battles!

I used to have a stainless steel hand soap dispenser that we filled with inexpensive soap but it would rust from the water and leave a mark on the counter top.  Another reason I switched to the Bath and Body stuff.  And then I found that there would still be a ring on the sink from whatever dispenser I used so I picked up some small plates to hold the water and gunk so it would not get on the counter.  I usually just rinse off the plate every few times I use that bathroom.

So for quite some time I would buy the Bath and Body Works foam hand soap in colors that complimented our bathroom (light blue, green, clear).  Yes, I refused to have soap that didn't match.  

And then I got this brilliant idea.  What if I used one of my old foam dispensers, purchased the fancy silver cover, but then fill it with different less expensive soap!?

And the light bulb went on.

Right now, a friend of mine gifted me some Gud foam soap that I have been using to fill my containers with.  When I run out I imagine I will find some other inexpensive soap to fill my hand soap foam dispensers.  

So my point to all of this:
-It's all in the details...a pretty hand soap dispenser that doesn't make a mess on the counter.
-Make it look expensive on the outside but fill it with cheap stuff on the inside.

Pretty much my whole philosophy on life.  

And you may notice a similar designed candle in the background.  I also have a thing about candles.  I like them to be white and smell like food.  Preferably vanilla or cupcakes.  The candle and candle holder are also from Bath and Body Works but once the candle runs out there are some candles at Walmart that look pretty darn close to the same size that I am going to try and see if they fit.  :)

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  1. I am a soap snob too, which I KNOW in my head is so ridiculous... but in my guest bath, I like to have some hoity-toity looking bottle of fancy soap. :) I like your idea tho!

  2. I used to be a 'soap snob' but I reformed my ways! I was strictly foam soap only for many years, until I used Method soap for the first time and it's been my choice every since - Thank you Target! I love the cute bottle designs and smells (lavender is my favorite)!! I like how the soap scents parallel the seasons too. I don't think you are alone with this issue :)

  3. Girl, I am about to blow your mind... or at least save you a few bucks. Go buy yourself some of that fancy BBW soap that you like, but ONLY get the regular gel kind. Pour some of it into your foaming soap bottle - about up to the "a" on the side. Slowly add HOT water to the bottle, then gently roll it around to mix it up. It will work JUST like the ready made foaming soap that you buy. When you realize how much water is in that foaming soap you will be so irritated you spent money on it! I personally use Method clementine soap in mine because I love the way it smells. I've been doing this for about a year now and the dispensers still work great.

  4. I really laughed about the references to a "certain person in your house" who doesn't rinse out the sink haha. I have a few persons like that in my house as well :) I love Method foaming soap but after reading that last comment from Miss M I might have to try out her trick!

  5. Ha ha. I love it! I love the foaming B&B Works too... thanks to the kids in this house. I love the plate idea... I'm totally doing that ASAP!


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