31 Days of Creative Homemaking :: Day 18--Being a Minimalist

I tend to be all over the place when it comes to projects around the house.  It is part of my creative process and I often work best under these circumstances.  But I do realize that it can also keep me from focusing on one project at a time so that I actually finish what I started.

Over the past few weeks of writing and focusing my heart on homemaking I have come to realize that one of the main factors that gets in the way of having my home all together on a regular basis is my love for stuff.  I have come a long way over the past few years of minimizing what we have in the house but as I get through each layer I always end up seeing another layer that can be simplified.

This is where for me simple living and homemaking come together.  If I have a simpler, less cluttered life, I have more time for homemaking and it is easier as I am not distracted by stuff and projects.  While at the same time, simple living is attainable for me by living a life that makes time for homemaking and simpler ways of living.

Today I decided it was time to buckle down, finish projects, and continue purging down to the necessities.  Unlike my normal routine, I am taking one room at a time.  It is amazing how satisfying it can be to complete one entire room instead of a few things in a couple of rooms. 

I recently read a post from The Minimalists that really challenged my train of thought as it comes to constantly organizing my stuff:
No matter how organized we are, we must continue to care for the stuff we organize, cleaning and sorting our methodically structured belongings. When we get rid of the superfluous stuff, however, we can focus on life’s more important aspects. Said another way: We can spend the day focusing on our health, on our relationships, on pursuing what we’re passionate about. Or we could, of course, reorganize our basement again.
Instead of constantly organizing, I want to live with less.  I know I would be happier, more content with what I have, and ultimately have the time, energy, and inspiration to be a better homemaker.

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