31 Days of Creative Homemaking :: Day 23--Things I Do For My Husband

Preparing for my husband to come home

One of my goals as a wife and homemaker is to make our home a welcoming place for my husband to come home to.  I do not always get this right...there have been many times that he has walked into the middle of one of my never ending "projects" and was not happy about it.  But for the most part, I try my best to prepare our home for his homecoming so that he looks forward to coming home after a long day of work.  Here are just a few of the things we do for each other that helps us have a good relationship:


1. Pick up the house.

2. Get dinner started.

3. Lay out his after work comfy clothes and sometimes accompanied by some chocolate when I know he had a rough day (I don't do this regularly--maybe once every few months).

4. Make sure he has clean laundry for the next day.

5. Occasional fresh baked cookies especially on days I know that were long for him.

6.Allow him to immediately sit on the couch when he needs to and watch TV.  This is his outlet for him and sometimes he needs some time to unwind before chatting it up with me.  If I have had a hard or stressful day he is good about stopping and listening.

7. When I have my nephew, be extra excited that Uncle Brent is home and meet him with big smiles at the door. 

8. Greet him at the door...not with my back to the computer screen!  I have to work on this one too!


1. Light candles to create warmth--my husband is not one to be super aware of ambiance but I find when I can put myself in the homemaking mood by lighting candles and whatnot, it puts me in the mindset of preparing our home for his homecoming.

2. Clean clothes or pajamas--sometimes I put off showering from a morning workout and so I try to shower and change before he gets home so that I am ready to hang out with him.

3. Plan intimacy--decide it I am going to initiate and make it a priority by giving him special attention early on.


1. Pack his lunch every night for the next day--this is usually a sandwich or leftovers, granola bar, crackers, and fruit or veggies.  It is a consistent mix of healthy, high fiber/protein, and sometimes a sweet treat.

2. Go through the mail, pay bills, any extra things that I am capable of doing myself so he doesn't have to remember.

3. Plan our calendar--email him dates at work so he knows what is going on, plan social engagements, organize family get togethers. 

4. Send treats with him to work to share with his coworkers.

5. Pray for him in the mornings for his day at work.


 1. Kiss me good bye every morning even if I am still sleeping--I have some issues with closure and so having him say good bye to me fills my cup even if I don't always remember he did it!

2. He is always willing to pick up last minute groceries for me on his way home from work.

3. Mows the lawn and always makes sure to do so before we have company coming over.

4. Cards on special occasions--my love language is words so he always makes sure to get me a card...and I make sure he doesn't forget with friendly reminders!

// What things do you do for your spouse/partner/kids/family that welcomes them home after a long day?  Tomorrow I will be sharing some of my favorite books on marriage!

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