Thanksgiving Tablescape--Use What You Have

Last week I put away all of my Halloween decorations and along with it went all my reusable fall decor as well.  They all get stored in the same bins so it only made sense and part of me just wanted to have a breather between now until Christmas.  

I had a handful of left over real pumpkins that I collected and put together for a little Thanksgiving tablescape.  It still offered an ode to fall before Christmas but without filling my whole house with decorations.  I also added in some natural elements, pine cones and acorns, from a recent hike I took with my adventure club friends.  Give a bunch of girls a job to find me some fall tablescape items and our hike became a slow wander through the woods, but the extra ten pounds of pine cones we carried made up for the physical fitness element.

My goal for this tablescape was to only use what I have.  I am really loving this whole "use what I have" mentality.  It is a creative challenge yet leaves me with so much contentment knowing I did not spend any extra money.

I love the simplicity of a few leaves, an acorn, and a little monogram place setting.  Your guests will feel fancy but definitely not stuffy.  

I covered the table with a large piece of lace fabric and a doily runner.  Those little wood stumps were found on our hike.  How cute are they!  I want a million of them.

Besides the stumps I used mini cupcake stands to elevate items.  It is all about multifunctional pieces--cupcake stands...pine cone stands...

A few months ago I decided to change out my tea light holders.  I shared before about my big candles before but for little tea lights to fill up on the table, I have started to collect mercury glass holders.  I like that they add a little shimmer and shine but can mix with any color palette.  The normal round size ones are from Michael's and the ones with the triangular design are from Target.

I also thought I would try to make some kind of Thanksgiving banner but reality hit and I decided to just use a welcome burlap banner I already had.  So much easier and again, the welcome banner is fitting for any occasion.  I decided I am better off with a simple banner that can be used year around. 

My sister in law gave me one of the greatest compliments the other day.  She said how she appreciated my tablescape designs as so many we see online are over the top and fussy.  Nothing wrong with fussy but I liked the idea that you can make a beautiful table without investing in chargers, matching napkins, and then leave no room on your table for food.  Instead all you need are a few pumpkins, candlesticks, and pine cones.  I bet the majority of you could go grab those in your house right now.

Even acorns with missing acorn pieces are still pretty.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I encourage you to not stress about everything being perfect.  But instead find beauty in a few simple things to decorate your home or holiday table.  And take the kids (or your girlfriends!) to gather some outdoor decor inspiration.  My nephew just loves that the pine cones are used to decorate the table!  It's the little things my friends.