DIY Satin Hair Bow Tutorial

I may be an adult but I am still a sucker for a big ol' bow.  For our Christmas Dessert Party this year, I wanted to make a bow to wear.  I put together a little tutorial for you...or I suppose a little girl in your life if big ol' adult size bows aren't your thing!

1. Cut your base ribbon piece and trim the edges.  Mine is 10.5 inches.  Figure out the length you want the entire bow to be and then make the loops each smaller based on the bottom piece of ribbon.
2. Create a loop with another piece of ribbon just about an inch or two smaller than your base ribbon.
3. Line your loop up with your base to make the loop the size you want.
4. Hot glue together your loop then glue down to the base ribbon.
5. Glue the top part of your loop down.
6. Once first loop is glued down, measure a second loop to go on top.
7. Using the same steps as before, create loop and glue down loop.
8. Your base ribbon and two loops glued down should look like this.
9. Wrap another piece of ribbon around your ribbons to finish it off.
10. Trim wrapped ribbon and glue down.

Here are my finished bows.  Last year I made this red bow with a stiffer ribbon and hot glued a comb to the back.  This year I made the pink bows and just used bobby pins to hold them in my hair.  To get an idea for what size of a bow to make, these are the dimensions for each one:

Red: 13 inches
Light pink: 13.5 inches
Bright pink: 10.5 inches

And to see how they look in my hair, here are photos of me with the bright pink ribbon in my hair:

And a phone photo my friend took that gives an idea of the back view of my bow:

And here is a picture of the red bow.  The fabric is much more stiff so it sticks up a lot more than the satin ribbon.  It's a bit more obnoxious but, in the right setting, quite cute in my opinion.

Happy bow making!

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