Our Christmas Front Yard

This year is the first Christmas that we have our new white picket fence up.  It adds so much to the curb appeal of our home and I was so excited to decorate it for the holidays this year.  I wanted simple but festive, like the rest of the house, but was most excited about putting up two wreaths on each side of our walkway.  Yep, living the American dream.  wink.

Christmas front yard

Since taking these photos, we put up our outdoor lights as well.  We lined the whole fence with white lights and it looks beautiful driving by.

I switched out my old Dollar Tree wreaths for fuller ones I picked up on Black Friday from Michael's this year.

I also picked up some "real" looking garland from Michael's for our door.  That stuff is expensive.  Hoping to pick up a few more if they go on clearance after Christmas.  Matching wreaths and a small tree I found at a thrift store years ago welcome guests to our door.

It's simple and makes me happy.  I also love that my nephew got to hang out with me while I decorated.  He kept on saying "teamwork"!  It was very sweet.